10 steps to help you lose 4.5 kg of fat in 5 weeks

Do you know what is the most common mistake for beginners? They look at photos of famous bodybuilders and are trying to achieve an impossible task – to lose fat and build up muscle at the same time. Without realizing it, they fall into a circle. To build muscle, you need to eat more, and to lose weight to eat less. The “golden” middle is not here. On an average calorie diet, neither one nor the other really works out. The task seems insoluble. If to eat a lot, then you will add not only muscles but also fat. If to eat a little, then maybe you will lose weight, but you won’t see huge muscles.

Beginners do not even suspect that there are actually two tasks, not one. First, you need to gain muscle mass with the addition of fat on a high calories diet. And then fight for muscle “relief”.

Go on a diet? This is another mistake! If you start eating less, your body will lower its activity based on a lack of energy, and this will also mean a slowdown in the “burning” of fat. Well, you lose a kilogram or two, and then what?

In fact, the struggle for “relief” is a tricky thing. We are not going to retell you complicated schemes for calculating calorie intake and energy consumption. We have already done all this for you. You just have to follow the program. Following simple and clear instructions, you will make step-by-step changes in your diet, and then you get a guaranteed result: in 5 weeks you lose 4.5 kg of excess fat!

STEP 1: Buy a mixer and whey protein.

You are gaining weight and can not build muscle just because your diet is a mess. Remember, first you must maintain in the diet the exact proportions between proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Here’s the main rule: proteins should account for 40 percent of all daily calories. Well, how to maintain this rule if you absorb protein without counting – in the form of hamburgers, sausages, cheeses, etc.? Try here to calculate these same percentages. Here is the solution: protein powder. You need to mix a daily amount of protein with water or skim milk in a mixer, put it in a big shaker or bottle and take it with you – for study or work. In such a case you will double win. First, you consume protein exactly calculated (no more, but no less). Secondly, the fat content in the diet automatically decreases. The secret is that we get fats mainly with natural protein dishes. There is a lot of fat in natural meat, sausage, cheese, etc. In addition, meat is impregnated with fat during frying and stewing. According to statistics, with ordinary food, we get up to 40 percent of all calories from fat. Do you know the rate of fat? Not? No more than 15-20 percent! Take 40 percent of the fat from your daily diet, and you’ll see that there’s a less amount of calories left for protein and carbohydrates. Now you understand why your muscles do not grow?

Additional advantages: If you follow our norm of “fat” calories until the last day of life, then most likely you will never earn a heart attack and keep a perfect erection for a long time. It’s clear with the heart, but what does an erection have to do with it? If there is more fat, then excess, undigested fats “clog” the small capillaries, impairing blood flow, and with it the blood supply to the genital organ.

Action plan:

Week 1: Replace meat dishes with a protein shake every other day.

Week 2: Replace all-natural protein with a protein shake.

Week 3: Same as week 2.

Week 4: Same as week 2.

Week 5: Same as week 2.

Estimated calorie loss: 7360. This figure is as follows: the standard burger (530 calories) was taken as the basis. You will replace it 32 times in 5 weeks with a protein shake (300 calories). The difference in 230 calories is multiplied by 32 and we get 7360 calories.

STEP 2: Instead of soda, juice and beer, drink water

Usually up to the third part of all daily calories are in beer, juices, and sweet non-alcoholic drinks! Up to a third! We are talking about “empty” useless calories that do not work at all for muscle growth! When the body gets in excess of such a variety of calories, it blocks fat metabolism, i.e. refuses to “burn” fat. In fact, why? There is always a simple and affordable source of energy at hand! Drink only water! At least 8 glasses per day!

Additional advantages: “Burning” of fat is accompanied by side formation of toxins. When there are too many of them, the body stops the fat metabolism so as not to poison itself. Water leaches toxins, and the body gives the “go-ahead” to continue the destruction of fats.

Action plan:

Week 1: Whenever you get pulled by soda, drink a glass of water.

Week 2: Same as week 1, but try replacing beer with water too.

Week 3: Same as week 2, but replace with fruit juices as well.

Week 4: Same as week 3.

Week 5: Same as week 3.

Estimated calorie loss: 4740.

We assume that in 5 weeks, using such scheme, you will replace carbonated drinks like cola (one bottle, 140 calories) with water (0 calories) 13 times, beer (one bottle, 144 calories) 9 times and juices (half-liter package, 270 calories) 6 times.

STEP 3: Throw out all the sauces, seasonings and butter from the refrigerator.

You don’t even suspect how many calories imperceptibly “slip” into your stomach along with various sauces, seasonings, butter, and such products! Moreover, all these calories are of “fat” origin. In addition, all standard sauces from supermarkets are filled with mineral preservatives. To make it simply with salts. And this is a harmful thing! Many of them stop muscle growth!

Additional advantages: At the same time, slightly clean the arteries from cholesterol, otherwise they are blocked in some, like old water pipes.

Action plan:

Week 1: At least 3 times replace the usual sour cream in salads with vegetable oil.

Week 2: Keep up the good work, but refuse from mayonnaise and ketchup 4 times more.

Week 3: Same as the previous week, and plus, stay away from eating butter for at least three days.

Week 4: Dress your salads with two teaspoons of vegetable oil, completely eliminate mayonnaise, ketchup, and butter from your diet.

Week 5: Same as week 4.

Approximate calories loss: 4670. In 5 weeks you will replace regular sour cream (2 tbsp., 138 calories) with vegetable oil (2 tsp., 30 calories) 15 times, without mayonnaise (1 tbsp., 100 calories) 18 times and without butter (1 tbsp., 100 calories) – 11 times.

STEP 4: If you only eat 5 times a day, add 2 more meals

Don’t get surprised: «How? I understand, I’m trying hard to lose fat in the shortest possible time, and you offer me to eat more?” Yes, you do not understand! We advise you to eat no more, but more often. You have to break the same daily calorie volume into 6-7 meals. Frequent snacks activate the entire metabolism, including the “burning” of fat and the growth of muscle tissue. And this is just what you need.

Additional advantages: Whenever you “turn on” the digestion process, your body expends energy. This means that with frequent meals, daily calorie consumption will increase. You didn’t eat more, which means that the difference between consumption and calorie consumption will increase. This means that the rate of “burning” fat will accelerate.

Action plan:

Week 1: Add another meal without increasing your daily calories intake.

Week 2: Add a second extra meal, again staying within your daily allowance.

Week 3: Same as week 2.

Week 4: Same as week 2.

Week 5: Same as week 2.

Estimated calorie loss: 4200. Of course, it’s unlikely that you can calculate exactly how many extra calories you will burn in 5 weeks of frequent meals. We proceed from an average of 115 calories per day.

STEP 5: Replace regular aerobic training with interval training

Since you have accumulated extra pounds of fat, you are definitely missing the usual aerobic load. So, in the next 5 weeks, you will train according to this program: 3 aerobic workouts per week by the interval method. Not sure what it is? Then contact your instructor. This is the newest and most effective type of aerobic training! With it, you can “burn” a lot more calories without increasing the duration of your workouts.

Additional advantages: Interval training is not as boring as regular aerobic exercises.

Action plan:

Week 1: Start each workout with a 5-minute workout. Then work 30 seconds with high intensity (85% of the maximum level and even higher), after which – 2 minutes with low (50-60%). Repeat this cycle 4 more times (there should be 5 in total). Finish with a 5-minute “cooling”. From the equipment, a treadmill, a rowing machine or a bicycle ergometer are suitable.

Week 2: Increase the duration of the intensive phases to 40 seconds.

Week 3: Increase the duration of the intensive phases to 50 seconds.

Week 4: Reduce the duration of the intensive phases to 35 seconds and do not 5 cycles, but 6.

Week 5: Increase the duration of the intensive phases to 45 seconds.

Estimated calorie loss: 3980. This is provided that before you did 2 flaccid aerobic workouts a week, and now you will have 3 intense interval workouts. And the difference in energy consumption was obtained by comparing the metabolic rate in both cases.

STEP 6: Replace the simple split with three complex workouts

We made two 5-weeks programs (one for beginners, the other for intermediate and advanced bodybuilders). They will help you to maintain muscle mass while you will be burning fat. Orientation must be on complex exercises. The “load” the muscles comprehensively. Well, the more muscle is involved in the work, the more calories you spend. High-intensity training increases the level of lactate in the blood, and this, in turn, stimulates the production of growth hormones. Well, he has one magical quality: he “freezes” muscle volumes.

Workouts based on supersets should be done 3 times a week on days free from interval training.

Week – Sets – Rep. – Speed – Pause for beginners:

1 2 8-12 3-0-1 60 s

2 2 8-12 3-0-1 55 s

3 2 8-12 3-0-1 50 s

4 3 8-12 3-0-1 60 s

5 3 8-12 3-0-1 55 s

for intermediate and advanced level:

1 3 8-12 3-0-1 60 s

2 3 8-12 3-0-1 55 s

3 3 8-12 3-0-1 50 s

4 3 8-12 3-0-1 45 s

5 3 8-12 3-0-1 40 s

Approximate calories loss: 4100. This is on the condition that you used to do traditional power split training, and now you will conduct 3 “general” workouts, and even high intensive speed.

Exercises are combined into combined sets. First, you do a set of one exercise and without rest, a set of another.

The last replay in the set you must perform before the “failure”, but according to all the rules of technic.

The first digit indicates the duration (in seconds) of the lowering phase. The second digit is the time of holding the weight at the endpoint of the amplitude. The third is the duration of the lifting phase.

Between sets and exercises.

Exercises for beginners:

1a) “Push” bench from a gray with a medical ball

1b) Pull-ups

2a) Deadlift

2b) Push-ups

3a) Lifting dumbbells for biceps while sitting

3b) French bench press EZ-bar

4a) Twisting on the ball

4b) Extension of the back.

For intermediate and advanced level:

1a) “Push” bench press from gray with a barbell

1b) Pull-ups

2a) Deadlift

2b) Dumbbell bench press on the ball

3a) Lifting dumbbells for biceps while sitting

3b) French bench press EZ-bar

4a) Twisting on the ball

4b) Extension of the back

STEP 7: Take Multivitamins and Glutamine

If you lack some vitamins and minerals, such as chromium, the process of losing weight slows down. As for glutamine, it, thanks to its anti-catabolic properties, will help you maintain muscle mass in conditions of calorie deficiency and interval training.

Additional advantages: Glutamine, among other things, strengthens the immune system and has a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract.

Action plan:

Week 1: Take a multivitamin tablet with minerals once a day. Take 3 grams of glutamine 3 times a day between meals.

Week 2: Same as week 1.

Week 3: Same as week 1.

Week 4: Same as week 1.

Week 5: Same as week 1.

Estimated Calorieы Loss: -. Here, even approximate figures cannot be given. This measure is designed to support all your other efforts to combat excess fat, so that specific calculations are inappropriate here.

STEP 8: In the morning eat – “difficult” carbohydrates, in the evening – “light”

In the morning, carbohydrates are absorbed better than in the evening. So, in the morning it is better to predict the intake of such carbohydrates, which the body is not so easy to digest. We are talking about carbohydrates with a high content of dietary fiber. This includes bread, rice, various cereals, potatoes … The fact is that the body turns undigested carbohydrates into fat. If the efficiency of digestion is high, “extra” carbohydrates, of course, will be less. In the evening, it’s better to eat carbohydrates, which are easily digested – vegetables and fruits.

Additional advantages: With this nutrition scheme, you are guaranteed to get the required dose of plant fiber – 30-40 g per day. You can add a poem about the benefits of dietary fiber, but most importantly, they help to lose weight.

Action plan:

Week 1: Eat “all” complexed carbohydrates (bread, rice, oatmeal, potatoes) in the morning. Salads and vegetables (boiled or steamed) leave for the evening.

Week 2: Same as week 1.

Week 3: Same as week 1.

Week 4: Same as week 1, but align your carbohydrate intake with step 10.

Week 5: Same as week 4.

Approximate calorie loss: 700. Replacing pasta and potatoes with salads and vegetable dishes in the evenings saves at least 20 calories per day.

STEP 9: Make discipline in your lifestyle

If your lifestyle cannot be called healthy, no measures like taking multivitamins will help you.

Additional advantages: A healthy and sound sleep will have a beneficial effect on all aspects of your life, including family life.

Action plan:

Week 1: Sleep at least eight hours a day.

Week 2: Get enough sleep and take every opportunity to walk.

Week 3: Get enough sleep and walk more. And stop worrying about all this nonsense.

Week 4: Same as week 3.

Week 5: Same as week 3.

Approximate calorie loss: 2460. Here again, we have problems with counting, although in any case, the importance of this measure for burning excess calories is difficult to overestimate. An hour walk burns about 500 calories, so 2460 calories in five weeks are far from the limit.

STEP 10: Last week carbs rotation like a pro builder

This “trick” pro athletes apply in preparation for the competition. And you will use it in the final segment of the distance of eight days. So, the first three days – a sharp reduction in carbohydrates, the fourth – an equally sharp increase, and then all the same for the second time.

What is the trick? But here’s the thing. By limiting yourself in carbohydrates, you not only cut back on calories, but also lower your blood insulin levels. And when insulin is released a little, the body begins to expend fat reserves. When you “boost” your carbohydrate intake again, you will slow down the drop in thyroxine (thyroid hormone) caused by the “carbohydrate deficiency” of the previous days. In addition, psychologically, you kind of reward yourself for a three-day abstinence.

Additional advantages: In addition to the saved calories, such a “rotational” diet is also good because it stimulates the thermogenic processes in the body. This will allow you to lose some more fat, although this factor will not affect the total number of “lost” calories as much as others.

Action plan:

Week 1: Do not change anything.

Week 2: Again, don’t change anything.

Week 3: Do not change anything again.

Week 4: Reduce your carbohydrate intake by half on the last day of the week.

Week 5: The first two days, continue to eat half the amount of carbohydrates than usual (in terms of calories). On the third day, “boost” carbohydrate intake by 25% above the level at which it was before the start of the “rotation”. (For example, if you used to eat 400 grams of carbohydrates a day, and the previous three days – only 200 grams, then on the fourth day, bring their intake to 500 grams). Repeat the same cycle in the last four days of the program.

Approximate calorie loss: 2875. If you consume 2550 calories per day, and 45% of all calories are carbohydrates, then half of this 45% will be almost 575 calories. We multiply this number by 5 (six times by 50% less than the norm and two times by 25% more than the norm) and we will receive almost 3000 calories of “savings”. Well, if you also take into account the thermogenic effect of the “rotation” of carbohydrates, you can get exactly 3000.

Estimated overall loss in five weeks: 35,000 calories!

Fat loss arithmetic.

Since 450 grams of fat is equivalent to 3,500 calories, it’s easy to calculate that you need to create a “deficit” of 35,000 calories in the next five weeks to lose 4.5 kilograms of fat. According to our estimates, approximately 70% of the entire “deficit” will be created by reducing calories consumed and 30% by increasing energy consumption.

Of course, I would like to distribute these percentages in a slightly different way, say, 60 to 40 or even 50 to 50 … But we proceeded from the fact that the readers are already training hard, and so the reserve here is relatively small. Well, 30% is a very real figure that you can get if you make the training more intense. As for reducing caloric intake, then there will be no failure. It is guaranteed by a decrease in the proportion of fat in the diet – from 40% to 15%.