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ASNGear Steroids Online Shop glad to offer you different steroids cycle combinations. Here you will find a huge variety of cycles for beginners, amateurs and even for professional athletes. We have given only the most common pharmacology sport courses. Of course, they cannot be universal and equally suitable for all athletes. This is because different steroids affect each person differently, and simply with the difference in pharma experience, athlete’s initial weight, genetics and sensitivity to the AAS. We tried to consider most of these facts but you still can adjust the available courses by adding some additional steroids into it for your choice. Some pharma brands are fixed in the cycle some can vary to your choice. But we offer only top quality products from the leading manufactures. So you can fully rely on us and be assured of the guaranteed results from the cycle.

Cycle Duration

Very often, a course you like may not suit you for its duration. For example – too short or you consider it as weak. And can be the opposite, it’s too long, but you would like the same scheme, but two times less. In this case, you are also free to change the duration in both directions. But if you shorten the cycle, then do not forget to proportionally reduce the dosage of steroids.

If in the original course a certain steroid was used (roughly) in a dosage of 100 mg for 10 weeks (total amount of 1000 mg), then if you reduce the course to 8 weeks, the total dosage should already be 800 mg, do not try to inject the same 1000 mg in shorter terms. There will be little sense. However, on the contrary, if you lengthen the cycle, this does not mean that at the “peak” you need to proportionally increase the dosage. If you increase, then quite a bit – by 10 – 20%.

The steroids cycle increase or decrease still has its limits – by 20 – 25% not more. As an example, a 10 weeks course can be changed to 8 or 12 weeks, no longer worth it. Otherwise, it will turn out to a completely different course and not at all the fact that it will be optimal.

Besides, many steroids have their properties. It makes no sense to use methandrostenolone for longer than 8 weeks, the body gets used to it. But Sustanon (Omnadren), on the contrary, does not make sense to use on short cycles. These are long-acting steroids and are used for 7 – 8 weeks cycles and more.

Set of Steroids

And again let’s get back to the steroids. You need to understand that you are not tied to a strictly build cycle. For example, if you have chosen one of the most favorite steroid cycle for beginners, Methandrostenolone + Deca-Durabolin, then nothing prevents you from adding another steroid – Primobolan and / or Winstrol, which will only enhance the effect and help to build a better mass.

Another thing is that you need to carefully select the dosage so as not to overdo it. With the additional new steroid, it is better to reduce the dosage of others. In such a scenario, slightly reduce the dosage of Deca.

Cycle Dosages

One of the most important points remain the dosage of drugs. Naturally, they cannot be the same – both for beginners weighing about 70 kg and for athletes who have 90 – 100 kg. In principle, the dosage depends primarily on the experience of the athlete. If the athlete has not yet taken steroids, then the difference in weight of 10 – 15 kg does not play a decisive role. The muscles are not so large that it was worth significantly increasing the dose. In the end, a more massive person has more muscle receptors, which means that the used steroid is “used” by the body more efficiently.

Therefore, do not immediately increase the suggested dosages if you think that they are too less for your size. Another thing is if you already had experience in taking pharma, in this case, the body gradually gets used to AAS and the dosage inevitably increases. In any case, the choice of specific dosages is yours – you can either increase or decrease them, the main thing in the discipline and choice of the cycle.

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