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Anavar La Pharma Review

Anavar very old and classic steroid produced in America in the 1960s. The incredible derivate of DHT made in Anavar, designed to be much more anabolic versus androgenic with no estrogenic or progesterone effects. Conceive to be safe with an incredible safety profile. Consider being versus other oral anabolic steroids used by men and women with less androgenicity.

The History of Anavar

Described in 1962 soon came to market years later by Searle Drug Company. It was thought to be safely used by women and children even. Over the course of that time period through the 60s into the 70s and 80s this was a classic anabolic steroid. In 1989 because of public concern of the use of this drug in athletic performance in Chili, it was taken off the market and for years it was off the market. Back in 1995, it came back in as Oxandrinand it came back as an orphan drug status which is a very specific and unique utility of how a drug company will bring a medicine to market. It’s typically for rare and circumstances that are extraordinary like weight loss, treating alcoholic hepatitis, and Turner syndrome for girls.

Pharmacology and Chemical Structure

Anavar is a DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) derivate androgen anabolic steroid. Of course, it has a methyl group edition on a 17th carbon. This dimension first-pass effect enabling it to stay in a system like other oral anabolic steroids. The substitution in second carbon in A ring with oxygen atom increases the anabolic activity and this is an incredible very unique oral steroid. No other steroid has this exact molecular structure. And because of this molecular structure, it is resistant to the metabolism of three hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase in skeletal muscle. This is what makes this steroid up to 600 % more anabolic than testosterone. It’s already 5 alpha-reduced steroids. It does not aromatase. It is not converted to DHT. There is no progestational activity. So, therefore, there is no much less water gain. You get this incredibly lean, hard look on this medicine versus Dianabol like an example. It’s used for cutting and bulking with other steroids historically and classically even today.

Anavar’s Medical Uses

It is used legitimately although because of politics we don’t see this. Weight gain status post-illness, status post-surgery, severe weight loss, infections disease status, traumas, and long term corticosteroid use. Very interesting Anavar is used for asthma, rheumatology disease. This theoretically a medicine for that kind of use. It’s also used for bone pain with postmenopausal in women with severe osteoporosis.

Anavar Side Effects

Amazing! This drug is really not metabolized in the liver. It’s the only anabolic steroid that has this property. So, therefore, it is metabolized mainly through the kidney. This is incredible! So because of this, it has minimum liver toxicity versus other oral alkylated anabolic steroids. You do see a transaminase elevation the ALT is going up but it’s transine and it’s come back to normal when athletes stop taking Anavar.

It doesn’t aromatase. It’s a, therefore, you not gonna get much fluid production. There is no theoretical gynecomastia. There is no progesterone activity. So you will get low or no side effects. Because it’s reduced DHT derivative it won’t be further reduced by 5 alpha-reductase and therefore it’s not active and therefore the androgenicity of this Anavar is low so in theory, you get less male pattern baldness, less effect on the prostate, and less acne. Is it true? Not necessarily. And again side effects of anabolic steroid-induced hypogonadism (ASIH) still exist. Negatively affects lipids. Less water retention and therefore less hypertension.

But overall when you use this drug for a long period of time on a cardiac system two things I concern for over long-term use in men. The first is the LVH. Left ventricular hypertrophy and heart failure. It’s been produced in studies. And second negatively affects artery lining.

In Summary

This medicine certainly historically is used today by women probably more than men. It’s still used for a limited period as all steroids there are still side effects. Women suffering male pattern baldness, facial changes, voice changes, breast reductions, clitoral changes.

This steroid medicine is very powerful and it’s gonna be in use for a long time. All this material is provided for educational purposes only. If you want to use Anavar please consult with your doctor.


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