Oral form of anabolic steroids.

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We will list 5 top oral steroids that can be qualified according to various criteria as the best.

First, let’s talk about using oral steroids as solo courses.

This is a very painful question. I believe that you can use solo only Stanozolol or Anadrol. Especially if this is some kind of bridge between the courses (we will talk about this later), or in the case when a person does not want to use injectable steroids. Anadrol in its side effects is too exaggerated in terms of effects on the liver, but in terms of effects on the body, in terms of side effects of general androgenic, it is much less pronounced than the same dbol. Therefore, for people who do not want to take full courses on injectable anabolic steroids, Anadrol may well be suitable as a solo drug. The use of Oxandrolone solo is certainly justified, but a little in a different category, so when choosing the first course for a man, Anavar solo it does not fit. In the same way, Methandienone and Turinabol are also not suitable for the first course. Wow, this is a classic since the golden era of bodybuilding everyone ate Methandienone, everyone used it for 8-15 tablets when it was still in normal concentration and fully working, but today the use of such solo preparations I think not appropriate as they all are more diluted nowadays.

The second category is the use of oral anabolic steroids as an addition to the main cycle.

As part of the course, all oral steroids, all these pills, as part of any course using testosterone behave as positively as possible. Of course, they are all compatible. The only thing that is extremely faint is the appropriateness of using Oxandrolone in the composition of, for example, the same Testosterone Enanthate. That is, you take an oral steroid for a lot of money relative to other pills to minimize side effects, but at the same time put the basis of Testosterone Enanthate which provokes these side effects very well if you do not follow this process. Anavar is well suited for women to use the solo course. It sometimes fits as a bridge between courses (we’ll talk about this later), but as a link, perhaps with the same Equipoise, for example, or Primobolan, with softer drugs, otherwise it is not advisable.

The third category is the bridge between courses on oral steroids.

Most oral steroids between courses are not suitable. Only Anavar and Stanozolol will do. Because the bridge with Dbol, Turinabol, and Anapolon is actually an extension of the cycle. Whatever is your course. You put 3 grams per week (these are huge dosages if someone doesn’t understand), or even if you put up the same Testosterone even up to 1 gram per week and decided to tidy up the general blood test, liver, bladder and all other indicators, including glucose and fermentation, but at the same time use Methandienone, even at 20-30 grams each, arc suppression still occurs. You will not recover. It is tested in practice, it is shown in the analyses. Yes, testosterone with estradiol will jump to a certain extent, but FSH and LH will not recover. That is, what is responsible for the production of testosterone and for the ability to reproduce. Therefore, use as a bridge here is only possible with Stanozolol and Oxandrolone.

The fourth category is the side effects of oral steroids.

Side effects of these drugs are expressed in different ways. Of course, I consider Stanozolol the most negative as for side effects. In terms of joints, in terms of increasing AST and ALT in analyzes, in terms of increasing creatinine and urea, aggravation of gout who has it and in terms of impaired venous outflow, who has it, Stanazolol occupies a special niche here, plus it sometimes causes headaches, not very pleasant state of dizziness and jumps in blood pressure even worse than the same Dianabol. This is most likely connected not even with Stanozolol itself because the influence from different manufacturers may be different, but rather with the additional trash with which it is mixed today. Previously, this was not observed. In all other drugs, side effects are more or less equal. Oxandrolone and Primobolan have minimal side effects.

The fifth category is the increase in strength indicators.

Of course, Oxymetholone occupies a certain niche here. It very well increases power indicators. I would give the second place to Stanozolol. With proper use, strength indicators grow very well. Methandienone and Turinabol, which are the same very mediocre drugs to increase strength indicators. Yes, you can object to me “I gained 10kg on Dianabol in 4 weeks.” What has changed in terms of power indicators? I don’t think that you are on a solo course of these oral steroids, that you have somehow improved your result of strength indicators. Let’s be honest Dianabol and Turanabol in using solos for power indicators is not the best option. In the use of a course based on Testosterone, add Dbol to it, then it increases strength.

The sixth category is the effect of oral steroids on endurance.

Winstrol is the undisputed leader here. Turinabol should also be the leader. But today it’s quite difficult to find a good, high-quality Tbol, without the effects of some kind of Dbol. Endurance, in principle, each drug can increase endurance with a certain diet and training regimen because they are anabolic steroids, but I take into account the properties of the drug, which we will say so with minimal effort and cost from diets and training and so on can increase this endurance.

The seventh category is the effect of oral steroids on muscle growth.

If all the criteria are met, if proper nutrition, training regimen, recovery are observed, the basal metabolic rate is correctly calculated, then, in terms of muscle growth, Oxymetholone and Metandienone are the leaders. Turinabol is also a leader. Oxandrolone and Winstrol in this regard when using a solo is not an option.

The eighth category of oral anabolic steroids for drying and losing weight.

Again, following all the canons, following a low-carb diet, alternating with non-carbohydrate, with proper fluid intake, Stanozolol and Oxandrolone can take a leading role. Yes, it can be dried on Dianabol. I did it personally. Dried on Dianabol and Testosterone Enanthate. This is done using a properly tailored diet. But in this case, we take into account the drug that worked under specially created conditions, that is, with a low-carb diet for example, and which will give maximum results here.

The ninth category is the rollback phenomenon after using oral steroids.

Since we have already considered the categories of use both in the solo version and in the course version, we will consider the rollback in general positions. The greatest degree of rollback, subject to all canons, with the restoration of the correct, with the correct training regimen and nutrition, is shown by Anadrol. I think you all already knew about it. In the second place, I would put the same Methandienone. Turinabol can also be attributed there. After Anavar, rollback is not observed as a rule. After Stanozolol solo, the first course leaves almost everything that you gained on it. After it, even PCT is usually not required, only the restoration of general indicators on analyzes if you pass any.

The tenth category is the use of oral anabolic steroids by women.

Here we get two steroids. These are Stanozolol and Oxandrolone. Anapolon 25 mg every other day can be added here. Yes, there is such a practice, but virilization phenomena can be expressed to a certain extent.

The eleventh category is the prolonged use of oral steroids.

On oral steroids you cannot progress for a long time. In general, prolonged use is only possible with Oxandrolone. Everything else will not do.

The frequency of fakes.

In the first place we have Turinabol for fakes. The next one is Winstrol. Chalk and starch are often added there, which is visible through a microscope. Another sugar is sometimes added. Everything else, the same Anadrol, is extremely difficult to fake. The especially good one is from Balkan Pharmaceuticals. This is not advertising, he just shows himself well.

Price versus quality. Here, only Oxandrolone gets a minus.

The negative effects of oral anabolic steroids.

Tableted AAS is in many ways far more sideways than injectable forms of testosterone. Conducting solo pills courses is foolish to believe that it is safe.

The effect of oral steroids on the liver is indeed there. This is expressed in significant jumps in the levels of AST, ALT, and bilirubin in the analyzes.

These jumps can be more significant if a person initially has problems with nutrition and regimen, is a lot of nervous, overloaded, which is typical for most students.

But besides this, no one canceled the stress on the central nervous system, blood vessels, stomach, and psyche.

I would like to note that I am opposed to courses where there is only one drug, tableted, I mean. For example, if it is Dbol solo, Stanozolol solo, especially Anadrol solo, which does not have any serious androgenic index. But some people prefer to try them, for starters, without injecting, thereby justifying the hostility to injections, to try some kind of oral steroid. But at the same time, it is natural to keep all the results that will be gained.

Oral steroids are only an addition to the main course. Their inclusion carries clear objectives:

  • regulation of SHBG level
  • determination of the necessary balance of Androgen / Anabolic
  • achievement of enhancing the effect of steroids that are at the heart of the course.

Primarily oral steroids themselves harm the digestive system. Most tablets can cause nausea, heartburn, and stomach pain.

Often, this suggests that they are taken on an empty stomach, more often in the morning, or that there are initial problems (reflux, gastritis).

The same Dianabol, Anavar, Winstrol can provoke the appearance of primary gastritis with prolonged use.

There is an opinion that the liver is severely damaged in this case, stagnation of bile begins. Yes, of course, this is all true, but first of all, I think many people noticed this problem is very easily solved when after taking oral anabolic steroids there is nausea, lethargy, headache, weakness, can throw sweat, that is, such a state as if the level fell sugar, general vestibular disorders they can be observed. This all comes from the fact that the tablet is taken on an empty stomach. That is, a person before a meal took, somewhere between meals, he took Stanozalol or Dianabol as a vitamin, and at the same time, he takes it constantly when the stomach is almost empty or empty. This is the main mistake, which is why there is a negative effect on the walls of the stomach. It can develop over time as gastritis and, in general, the overall negative effect on the stomach is significant. Therefore, they are never taken on an empty stomach. This, in any case, mitigates some significant harm.

This practice brings the greatest negative in the morning before eating. It is precisely because of such actions that there is a strong belief that the oral steroid is harmful to the liver.

The harm of oral steroids to the liver is greatly exaggerated. It is much more dangerous to take more than 5 tablets of Paracetamol (2500 mg) than to take a course with the participation of tablet steroids (comparing the indicators of AST, ALT).

Regarding the liver. The most notorious topic about the liver is that our oral steroids kill the liver. Yes, of course, this does happen in some way, but if we are taking oral medications stably, for example, every 3 to 4 hours, 10 mg of Stanozolol, Turinabol or Dbol, negative effect, accumulation effect, the effect of delay in the liver due to 17α-alkylated groups, all this is not so significant. It will be much more harmful to eat some kind of fatty food, drink alcohol, etc. The only thing here that is similar to this version that can be said is that the gall suffers. And most of the problems just start because of the stagnation of bile, and not because of damage to the liver itself. Simple bile provokes cholestasis, it, in turn, provokes bile stone disease, increased levels of bilirubin, increased levels of AST, ALT in the analyses. This may already provoke inflammatory processes, drug hepatitis. That’s just such an indirect long-term mechanism is a negative effect on the liver.

In terms of the cardiovascular system, almost all oral anabolic steroids here significantly increase the level of bad cholesterol and lower the level of good cholesterol, which increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. All oral medications make this much stronger than injectable ones. With a negative nutritional factor, on a mass gaining period, you eat everything in a row, the level of cholesterol just rolls over.

Oral anabolic steroids are contraindicated in:

  • IHD
  • severe arrhythmias
  • initially high cholesterol
  • increased hematocrit
  • hypertension

Pills can provoke some arrhythmias. Especially often this is done by Stanozolol. The mechanism of their occurrence is associated with exposure to the vagus nerve (and this, in turn, with the stomach).

Most anabolic steroids during the course can increase the risk of injury. And only Stanozolol has a direct effect on synovial fluid. It is important to understand that not always limiting potentially dangerous loads and taking protectors can eliminate this effect. This applies for the most part to solo courses. If Testosterone Enanthate or Deca was included in the course of Stanozolol, this could mitigate the situation.

In terms of blood circulation. This activity is undoubtedly violated. Again, due to the processes of changing the composition of the blood. Oral formulations themselves do not directly do this. Due to the effect on metabolic processes, they can provoke amplifications, some of which are available in terms of violation of the venous outflow or at the psychological level. That is, people who had psychological problems, central nervous system disorders, hypochondriacally, anxious, which prevent them from living, they can provoke an increase. This is seen.

Regarding the level of hormones. The same estradiol, testosterone, they can be suppressed because there is no testosterone in the course. This if we take orals as a solo cycle. But if the oral steroid is admitted in combination with testosterone, then everything will be fine in this regard. And you will only need to monitor the other side effects that I described earlier.

Regarding the effects on the prostate. There is evidence that oral medications, because there is an alkylation and a delay in the liver, can at the hormonal level indirectly affect the regulation of hormones, the regulation of DHT, estradiol, all this balance and affect the prostate. But this is a very indirect mechanism in fact, and to achieve some kind of adenoma from ordinary prostatitis by constantly absorbing oral drugs is impossible. This is the situation.

These are far from all the points. There are so many indirect paths of these here that can subjectively lead to the fact that there are risks and more serious ones. But in fact, all this very rarely happens if everything is done correctly. And most of the mistakes, here I want to focus on the fact that the oral is taken as a solo cycle. That is, without testosterone. Or some people take Deca with Methandienone, without testosterone. They do not want an androgenic index, they are afraid of gynecomastia. But you don’t need to be afraid of Gyno, because it is stopped quite easily.


We can say that oral anabolic steroids have a certain negative effect on the body, but to a greater extent, they have this effect when used solo. That is, without using the very same testosterone. This is exactly the situation when I do not cease to repeat that the first course should be carried out using testosterone, and not for familiarization with Stanozolol, Dianabol or Turinabol and so on. But this is everyone’s business. My task is to tell, yours to conclude. Agree or dispute.

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