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British Dragon Sustanon

Sustanon is a mix of 4 different testosterone esters. It was developed in such a way to deliver different speeds of esters release in the bloodstream to minimize or avoid hormonal dips. As an example, it contains a fast ester of Testosterone Propionate which half-life is 2 – 4 days and long ester such as undecanoate which half-life is 21 days. Sustanon from Thai Pharmaceutical Company British Dragon is a long time on the market and is very well known among athletes and bodybuilders. First of all British Dragon is produce its Sustanon – brand name Andropen with a higher dosage concentration. Instead of a regular dosage of 250 mg per ml, they produce 275 mg per ml. And even with the high dosage, they manage to sell their product below the market price. Also, the quality of British Dragon products is above average and sometimes high. Sustanon is a bulking steroid. It never is used for cutting. First of all because of the esters and second because of the high dosage.

Andropen 275 Dosage

Dosages of Andropen 275 in sport as any other steroid varies a lot. Some athletes manage to put 1 to 2 ml weekly which is a standard 500 mg and others put 3 grams and higher. As a common practice since Sustanon has 2 long releasing testosterone esters, athletes put it 1 or twice a week. But to make your hormonal background more straight and to maintain the same hormonal level in the bloodstream at all times it is better to inject Andropen 275 once in 2 days or once in 3 days. Mainly you will notice a difference in the strength indicators. They will be growing from week to week. Just keep in mind that when you inject Sustanon more often the dosage should be less in each injection. In other words, the weekly Andropen dosage should remain the same and should not rely on the frequency of injections.

Andropen 275 Side Effects

Andropen 275 has the same side effects as any other testosterone. Basically, it is testosterone. So if quickly to go through it is definitely suppressive. That means that after any Andropen Cycle you will definitely need a proper PCT. Also like any other steroid, it will screw up your cholesterol ratio good to bad. Your LDL will go up meanwhile your HDL will go down. The cholesterol ratio is very important for your arteries and as a consequence of your heart work. So you need to be careful and monitor it. Testosterone is a very easy convertible to estrogen. This can provoke your gynecomastia. If you are gyno pron always keep on hands during your cycle any Aromatase Inhibitor like Arimidex. The more bulking steroids will be included in the cycle the higher is the risk to catch gyno.

Due to the high risk of side effects, Andropen 275 is forbidden for women to use. But many female athletes still ignore the recommendations and still use testosterone.

Andropen British Dragon Reviews

Sustanon is one of the counterfeited steroids and especially from British Dragon. In general British Dragon is the most counterfeited brand on the market. Mainly reviews of British Dragon Andropen are positive. It is really hard to be 100% sure of the feedback cos athletes nowadays do not use one steroid alone on their cycle. As a common practice in the cycle, there will be 2 or 4 different steroids. Sometimes five. And if it is a bulking cycle most of the steroids will be mass gaining. From here it is hard to say what exactly worked well and what did not. Maybe all of the steroids did their job good and the athlete got such a result. From the beginning, British Dragon was known as a good quality brand. So we tend to believe that it is remains and today the same. If you have any questions please write us to


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