Testosterone Esters

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What they can do for you? Misconceptions. And which one is the best?

Let’s just start by saying there are a lot of different esters. And an ester is something it’s a chemical compound of testosterone that kind of dissolves in your body slowly. So when you injected it doesn’t just all get into your system at once. So basically the longer the ester the longer testosterone stays in your system and the more time it takes to get into theirs. I’ll start with the fastest.

Suspension of testosterone.

There is no ester. Injected and it’s in your system right away. Why that’s good or bad? Well, that’s good if you want it to be in your system right away. So say you are not taking steroids and you want to feel like you are on them right away. So you have a competition in a week. Boom! One hour later you are good to go, you are rocking. I’ve used that one before and trust me 30 minutes you are in the gym and you can really feel it. Builds your drive up and your energy is up and you just on testosterone.

What’s bad about it? It sounds good so far. The bad thing it’s getting in your system real quick but it then gets out real quick. So think of it like an ice cube. It melts super-fast if you put it in the oven and then once it dissolved it’s done with, it’s over with and you need another ice cube. So if you do test suspension you have to inject it at least twice a day just to get kind of the steady level of testosterone. So if you don’t want to inject it twice a day it’s not for you. I don’t really recommend it’s painful. It’s not the best, not many people are using it. If you are doing a bodybuilding show and you want to cut on your testosterone like before the show but you want to use it really closer to show then that would make sense because you can use the test and it’s in your system. Say three days before the show you can stop your testosterone suspension and it’s gone out of your system then on stage you won’t look watery. The test holds water. So if you are using a lot of testosterone before your competition up to show day chances are you will not gonna be as hard and dry as if you didn’t take testosterone.

Testosterone Acetate

Test Acetate is a fast ester. It gets to your system really quickly like in a day or so but not as fast as testosterone suspension. So testosterone Acetate is similar to Trenbolone Acetate, something that you should inject every single day so that’s the annoying part. The benefit well, at least you don’t have to inject it twice a day and it’s not as painful, it’s good. You can cut off before the show so similar to the suspension except than once a day injection rather than twice a day.

Testosterone Propionate

Test Prop is very common and popular. Test Propionate you have to inject it every other day because it’s a fast ester. It’s still going to get in your system quick but not as quick as the other two. What is the bad of this? Test Prop hurts almost everyone. It’s annoying, painful. If you did a shoot in your leg let’s say you might be walking around with the limb. Your body hurts, it doesn’t feel good. You don’t want to be sore all the time you make an injection. So test propionate another disadvantage. It’s expensive as hell. Now, people think it is cheap as hell. Actually, it is expensive because normally test propionate comes like 100 mg per ml. The vials are usually cheaper but it’s only 100 mg per ml. Comparing let’s say to test enanthate or cypionate their usually dose around 250 mg. So it’s two and a half times as stronger or as much. Now, it doesn’t cost two and a half times. It doesn’t cost double as much. If you have a grade 9 math ability you can quickly do the math and figure out that although it’s cheap per vial it’s not really a good deal. If you buying like two-liter it might cost more than one liter but it’s a better deal cos it’s a 2 liters worth. Does that make sense? Hopefully. I’m not a big fan of it. It’s not about it’s bad to use, it’s just annoying.

Testosterone Enanthate and Testosterone Cypionate

The reason I lumped these two together cos they are basically the same. The ester is half fast getting into your system so with these you can inject it every 4 to 5 days and get a pretty good steady level. So just think of it. The ice cube is bigger so it’s gonna take longer time to dissolve and get the testosterone out. So rather then you have to inject like Prop every other day these you can inject twice a week and be good. You can do less often than that. So for example on my HRT dose 120mg a week my Enanthate I do only once a week and that’s fine for me. So I don’t feel like highs and lows, any crazy crashes or peaks. The shots are usually less painful so it’s a good way to go about it.

Testosterone Undecanoeate

Test Undecanoate is super long to dissolve in your body. So you can do a shot every two weeks for example. It’s not as common or popular, rarely available I guess. So fewer people know about it or use it but it’s a good one. It will take a long time to get started or to get going and that’s the only negative. So let’s say you have a vacation in a month and you want to look good and you start that shot. Well, it’s gonna take almost a month to really get going. Because undecanoate has such a long half-life, but the time this ice cube thinks of it is as big as the house it’s gonna take so long to melt and get it all out. So all those advantages less frequent shot and disadvantage it’s going to take longer to see the results. But it’s great if you are on a long cycle, it’s great if you are on HRT. It’s great if you are going on vacation and you can’t bring your prescription with you.


Sustanon 250 is such a popular one. And people they literally will think it’s better than other testosterone. They will be like sust is awesome, it’s better than testosterone enanthate. No, it’s not. The general rule here testosterone is testosterone. They are all the freaking same. Exactly the same. One is not better than another. Testosterone is a mixture of various esters. So for an example. Let’s say you have testosterone propionate, enanthate, undecanoate in Sustanon. So some are dissolving slowly, some going in medium speed and some are going on super slow. Well, you still have to inject it often like probably every two or three days because propionate is in it. That’s gonna be delivered quickly and that gonna still give you that up and down. So although not as much as the propionate on its own. But you still gonna do your shots as often as you should. Is there an advantage with Sustanon? Well, if you start your shots with Sustanon a tiny bit of prop is going to get in your system right away, hardly enough to notice so big deal. It doesn’t matter. It will not gonna hold more muscle it’s not going to be stronger. It’s not like wow, it’s freaky.

All testosterone is the same but the esters are different. So if you inject 100 mg of test suspension or 100 mg of testosterone undecanoate. Technically testosterone suspension is stronger because more of the weight of it is actually testosterone. Let’s say you did a 100 mg of suspension and you are getting a 100 mg of testosterone into your body. Now if I did a 100 mg of say test prop I’ll only get like 70% of the testosterone and the other percent is the ester. Explained well enough here. A longer ester like test undecanoate more of the ester weight is part of the injection. You doing 100 mg but you will get only 60 mg. Hopefully, that makes sense. If you do like testosterone acetate you will like 90 % of it. And propionate is 90 % let’s say as well. More of testosterone in a fast ester being used rather than being ester.

If it’s a fast ester more of the stuff you injecting is actually testosterone. If it’s a slow ester less of it is testosterone. So if I did a really good cycle like 600 – 700 mg of test prop a week vs test enanthate a week the propionate will be stronger at the same dosage because more of its is testosterone. But it’s more expensive. In the end, it’s cheaper in the other way.

Effects of testosterone

The ester doesn’t matter how much water you are holding. If you inject test sustention or whatever you gonna hold water really quick. So you are doing a shot and within a day or two, you are up in weight. It doesn’t mean you are putting the muscle faster and water. So if you are doing Enanthate or Cypionate or whatever it doesn’t matter. It will all convert into estrogen. It all can cause gyno. All can cause the same side effects: acne, sex drive, blood pressure, etc. Every single side effect is the same. The only difference is when the injection frequency is different.

Side Effects

If you do a fast ester and you don’t shoot it often enough you will have a lot of side effects. When you do a shot of testosterone your blood levels will go slowly up and then they gonna go down and then you do another shot and it again goes up. What you want is mostly to have it in the middle range. So if you can keep it inside middle levels, you good. It wants to matter if it will go up and down in the middle ranges. But if you don’t do it often enough it’s bad and you can get all side effects.

Women even are worse. Any woman that doing testosterone will get sides unless it’s an HRT dose let’s say 10 mg per week or something like that. Yes, women get testosterone from their doctors too. Because women do produce testosterone about 1/12 of the men. So if you are a girl and you do 100 mg per week you are on tons of steroids. Be careful.

Don’t abuse testosterone. Try to go with the long ester. Don’t think that the faster ester is better. Don’t think Sustanon is better. They are not better. They all are good. Just do your shots frequently enough. Hopefully, this helps. Clear some light on various esters and these all apply to all steroids. So if you have trenbolone it’s the same thing. If you have a short ester of tren Acetate it should be injected more frequently than tren Enanthate. It’s not better! It kicks in faster but it’s annoying.

Testosterone Cycle

When you start a cycle of testosterone even on a slow ester like Enanthate it doesn’t take 6 weeks to kick in. It kicks in after 3 days and you are good. If you never did steroids in your life and you shoot one ml of Testosterone Enanthate in three days from now you are going to know that you did the injection. Trust me, you will for sure know. It does not take 6 weeks. It takes 6 weeks to stabilize the peak values. That doesn’t mean it’s not working yet. Peak values don’t have to be a peak to work. Like 95% of its effectiveness is working. It’s working even at 1% just not a lot.


Get your blood levels to check, do your research don’t just start taking steroids without knowing what are you doing.

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